Welcome to The Mighty-Taskers Community

Productivity and Peace of Mind for People Who Manage an Enormous Number of Tasks


Welcome to the Mighty-Taskers Community. If you're interested in what we're all about, perhaps you may begin with this question:

Are you a Mighty-Tasker? 

Definition: someone who creates and must manage a huge number of tasks.

Are you in a demanding profession? Or do you take care of children, or parents? Or maybe you are a part-time athlete hoping to break into the professional ranks?

These are just examples of the kinds of people who this community is designed for. What they all have in common are:

1. Some big commitments

2. A lot of energy and optimism

3. A tendency (or requirement) to generate a lot of priority tasks

If these descriptors fit, you are the kind of person who probably impresses others with your work ethic and your willingness to labor long and hard at whatever you put your mind to. However, you are sometimes misunderstood - they get tired just watching you.

Maybe you try to explain...you aren't compulsively driven (in the psychological sense) and don't have a mental illness or disorder. You just like to see results happen in the real world.

And they just don't happen by themselves.

Some time ago, you decided that you were the one to get things done. Consequently, you began to assign yourself lots of projects, tasks and todos. 

However, it also put you on the edge: you are always in danger of seeing something important fall through the cracks. As a result, you are constantly looking for ways to get better: to remove the errors that come from making big commitments and managing lots of tasks.

But you are no novice. You have already been through many standard time management and productivity books and articles. Now, you see that you are different from most other people who manage fewer tasks. Maybe you even recognize the need for specialized thinking, practices, apps and devices to meet the challenge of being a "Mighty-Tasker."

If this resonates any at all, then you're in the right place. Keep reading to see why you should consider joining us.

Why You Should Join Us

In this community, you'll find a unique productivity conversation between Mighty-Taskers that is unlike any other.

If you happen to be one, research shows that the stuff the average person uses won't work for you. The specific habits, practices, tools, devices and apps recommended for them fail in your hands. So does the one-size-fits advice found in even the most popular productivity books.

However, you can't simply find other Mighty-Taskers and copy them. Instead of specific instructions, you need flexible principles which only apply to people like you who operate at the high end of task management.

For example: as a Mighty-Tasker, time is your biggest constraint. When you make a simple mistake you wince because the choice you made to do Task A meant forgoing Task B, Project C, Meeting D and Self-Care Activity E. When the task isn't executed as planned, you are acutely aware that there are no second chances. You demand yourself: "Gotta make better decisions" but upping your inner resolve isn't enough.

Welcome to a community in which every member drives him/herself to make the most of the 168 hours they have each week. We pay keen attention to all our commitments and how we execute them, trying to avoid common traps like:

- stress

- multi-tasking

- overwhelm and overwork

- little quality time with family and friends 

- overweight and life-imbalance

- distraction, interruptions and misdirection

We actively seek out help from wherever it can be found to help us be our best selves, putting out the utmost effort for the highest goals.

If this fits you at all, join us to experience what its like to take this journey with others like you. You'll be helping us create the future for everyone who sees him/herself as a Mighty-Tasker.

Plus, there's no risk except the time you spend. The community is free for life for everyone who joins.

Scroll back to the top of the page, and hit that Request to Join button.


This community is hosted by me - Francis Wade from 2Time Labs. It's part of Framework Consulting, a Florida company formed in 1993. I also operate ScheduleU and the 2Time Labs Podcast from Kingston, Jamaica where I live. In prior lives I completed engineering degrees at Cornell University and worked at AT&T Bell Laboratories. All these experiences helped shape my book Perfect Time-Based Productivity and the lessons I have learned from teaching skills like time blocking for two decades.